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Flyers are a versatile way to share your company’s message and get in touch with customers and prospects alike. Flyers have endless design potential and can be used as handouts, mailers, promotional leave behinds, and more. They can be produced with a variety of paper stocks, sizes, coatings, and finishes. Work with our team to create a series of flyers that grabs your client’s attention.


1. What size are flyers?

Flyers are most often printed digitally and laid out on 8.5” x 11”, 11” x 17”, or 12” x 18” sheets. With our offset press capabilities, we can accommodate much larger sizes for large runs and custom sized flyers up to 40”. Size will also depend on whether you will be mailing your flyer and your mail type selection.

2. How are flyers folded?

The most common fold for a flyer is a tri-fold. However, depending on sheet size, we can do a variety of folds, including but not limited to a roll fold, gate fold, double gate fold, and accordion fold.

3. Can you design my flyer?

Absolutely! Work with our team of talented designers who are ready and waiting to help you. Together, you can create custom folded and designed flyer that will make your business stand out.

4. Do I see a proof before you print?

Yes! Before we print anything at Burke, we will send you a proof for your approval.


Custom booklets help you provide essential details about your business to customers in a compact format. Booklets can act as effective marketing tools in the form of product catalogues, instruction guides, training manuals, or even storybooks. You may choose from a printed book or go digital with an online Ebook. Printed booklets are usually made with saddle stitching and soft covers.


Invitations help you announce and celebrate significant events and invite customers to store openings, in store events, open houses, fundraisers, and more. Your invitations can be customized with a variety of paper stocks, styles, folds, and unique finishes to meet your personal or business needs. You can pair your invitations with custom envelopes for a cohesive statement. Work with our mail experts to create a mailing list, personalizing every invitation.

Door Hangers

Inform entire neighbourhoods of your business offerings with custom door hangers. Using specialized die cutting to create unique shapes, door hangers create a tactile experience for your potential customers. Customize your door hangers with special offers, distinct designs, and colourful imagery.


Use custom designed and printed calendars to keep your business top of mind for clients and potential customers all year long. Work with our team to create wall calendars, desktop calendars, padded calendars, or custom styles. Calendars are an excellent planning tool that will keep your brand top of mind all year long.


1. What size are calendars?

The standard wall calendar is 11” x 8.5”. However, we can work with you to build a custom calendar of any size. These can be standard wall calendars, posters, desktop calendars, pad calendars, or hanging flip calendars.

2. How many pages are in a calendar?

In order to saddle stitch a calendar, it must be divisible by 4. Typically, the 12 months and cover will make a number that isn’t divisible by 4. Most people will use that extra space to show December of the previous year, or January of the next. You can also add pages that show an overview of the whole year.

3. Can you design my calendars?

Absolutely! Work with our team of talented designers who are ready and waiting to help you. Together, you can create custom calendars that will make your business stand out.

4. When should I place a calendar order?

Ideally, custom calendars should be ordered in October. There is always a high demand for Christmas and New Year material, so to ensure you get it before the rush, the earlier the better!


Posters are a tried and true way to draw attention from passerby, clients, employees, or guests. You can choose from many different stocks from thick and rigid to sleek and glossy. Or if you’re looking for something more substantial, a foam poster or outdoor option will work best. Whatever you may be looking for, we will work with you to create a poster with a clear message and top quality visuals.


Drive sales and communicate with customers with postcards, a classic and time-tested marketing tool. Postcards can be used for mail campaigns, leave behinds, street marketing, coupons, and promotional marketing. Postcards are ideal marketing materials, as the options are so versatile in paper stock, style, and design.

Greeting Cards

Print custom cards to say thank you and congratulations, recognize employees, or celebrate birthdays, holidays, and other milestones. Work with our team to design and print beautiful cards on a variety of papers, and be sure to request matching envelopes!


    Offer your customers a useful product that keeps your name front and center on fridges, filing cabinets, and other metal surfaces. Custom magnets are an excellent way to promote your business and display your contact information. Our team will assist you with choosing from a variety of magnetic materials that can be used for car magnets, fridge magnets, and more!

    Tent Cards

    Make an impactful impression on your customers or attendees with table tent cards! They’re portable, affordable, and a game-changer for sharing information, hyping events, and promoting your business. Partner with us to create unique and attention-grabbing tent cards.


    Encourage customer interaction with a custom pinwheel, a fun and memorable leave behind tool. Pinwheels are typically produced in a circular shape, revealing different pieces of information about your business. Held together with a pin, both sheets can spin independently of each other, with the top sheet featuring your brand design and die-cut holes revealing your company information on the sheet below. Custom pinwheels add a unique and creative touch to your marketing materials.

    Work with our project managers to get a hands-on partnership for all of your packaging needs. From creative, to planning, to rendering and producing, we work with you to ensure your final product is nothing short of perfection.