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Acquisition Lists​

Reach the right people and get the results you’re looking for. Acquisition lists are mailing lists we create, in collaboration with Canada Post, that target your ideal market with personalization that addresses each recipient. Work with our experts to get your marketing campaign into the hands of people with specific demographic and geographic criteria. With our help, you’ll be turning prospects into active customers.

Data Cleansing

Data cleansing verifies and corrects mailing lists. We clean up that list, no matter the size and volume of data, ensuring the names and addresses are correct. We also remove duplicates so you’re sending one mailing to each household, reducing cost and increasing effectiveness.

Demographic Profiling

Earning and maintaining your customer database is an integral part of your successful campaign. But where do you start if you don’t have that data? How do you grow and attain new prospects? Burke can help you get started with demographic profiling. As a Canada Post Smartmail Marketing partner, we can help develop a demographic profile to give you a 360-degree view of your current customers’ lifestyles, geographic locations, hobbies, and preferred media. This will ensure your marketing materials not only reflect and connect your audience, but will give you valuable insight into your target market and the prospective customers you should be targeting when purchasing new data/mailing lists. By targeting your mail, you will send out fewer pieces to the right customers.

Geographic Targeting​

Geographic targeting is how we determine where to drop mailing campaigns. Evaluate your goals and review your current client database with the help of our team of experts to determine the perfect location for your next direct mail campaign.

Geographic Targeting Data Mail Services with Burke Group

Precision Targeter​

A Precision Targeter is a simple tool to help you target your ideal audience and find the right customers for your business. Its step-by-step approach and interactive maps let you tailor your neighbourhood mail campaign to the specific demographic and location you want to reach. Through the Precision Targeter, you can work with us to define your niche market and promote your products to an already-interested group.

Ensure your mail campaign will reflect your brand and goals, meet Canada Post standards, and elicit a response based on data. Work with our design team to create a high-impact campaign and integrate multiple platforms to grab the attention of your audience and increase your return on investment.