Custom Services

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Custom Designs

Work with us at the design stage and ensure your mail campaign meets Canada Post standards, reflects your goals, and elicits a response based on the data. Our design team has been specially trained in creative mailing services and are aware of measurable approaches they can take to increase your ROI. Size, type, placement, weight — everything matters. Work with us to have your mail custom designed and avoid surprises.

Integrated Platforms​

By integrating multiple platforms into your mailing campaigns, you can significantly increase your return on investment. For example, an integrated campaign can include a personalized URL in your mailout that directs customers to a website with a customized landing page and a call to action. Customers who choose cross-platform marketing find a 15% increase in engagement. Our design team can build a customized webpage, personalized URLs, and eye-catching, personalized mailers.

Take advantage of our many years of experience in executing successful mailing campaigns. With direct mailing, personalization, targeting, and cross media marketing, you can be sure you are reaching the right audience.