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Direct Mail

Direct mail is still an incredibly powerful way to cut through the noise and get your product, event, promo, or anything else delivered directly into your current and prospective client’s hands. We start with a data list — yours or one we create for you based on your target audience, including income, age, interests, or geographic location. Then we use our many years of direct mailing expertise to help you navigate all of the steps and options for a successful campaign and, most importantly, an effective one.

Neighbourhood Mail

Want to target a specific neighbourhood? No problem. With neighbourhood mailing, our team of mail experts will help you identify the exact FSAs, or postal codes and neighbourhoods, that will elicit the greatest response to your campaign. If you are hoping to target people within a certain distance of your business or provide promotional opportunities to particular areas, neighbourhood mailing is for you!

Personalized Mail

It is possible to target specific people rather than specific areas. Personalized mail requires a data list. If you already have an in-house client data list with contact information, you are one step ahead of the game! If not, our team of data experts can acquire a data list of potential customers that fall within your target market. This data list can be based on age, income, interests, gender, and many other components to create your ideal data profile. You can choose to base your campaign on your own list, a list provided by us, or both!

Postal Code Targeting

Elevate your direct mail campaigns to the next level. Postal code targeting allows you to create customized, highly targeted direct mail campaigns by selecting specific geographic areas based on postal codes. You can reach your desired audience with precision and accuracy, ensuring maximum impact for your marketing efforts. Say goodbye to generic mail-outs and hello to targeted messages that resonate with your customers.

Cross Media Marketing

To get the most out of your marketing, it’s ideal to have not just an analogue presence or just a digital one, but a balance between the two, otherwise known as cross-media marketing. When you partner with us, you get both media formats. Cross-media marketing is exactly what it sounds like: implementing your marketing message in a variety of mediums.

Direct mail campaigns elicit great consumer attention. Integrating direct mail with digital creates a “combination” effect, meaning you drive even more action — 57% more, in fact. There’s also a 46% higher brand recall, 8% more memory arousal, and an overall 39% increase in customer attention. Multichannel customers spend nearly four times more than single-channel customers.

In order to take full advantage of cross-media marketing, the sequencing of media matters. For example, using an email deployment service prior to sending a direct mail campaign will result in maximized brand recall. Always remember: direct mail makes the most impact when it follows a digital message.

Cross Media Marketing Mail Services with Burke Group

Reaching the right people is key in a successful mailing campaign. Whether you need a new mailing list, a list cleaned up, or you want to target specific neighbourhoods, we can act as a vital link between you and your most desired customers. When it comes to good data, we’ve got you covered.