Heidelberg Low Energy UV Press


Burke Purchase Announcement: Heidelberg Low Energy UV Press.

A pioneer in the world of modern printing, Burke Group continues their forward-thinking philosophy with a commitment to Western Canadian businesses by investing in the Heidelberg Low Energy UV Press. A first for Heidelberg in western Canada, the press utilizes Heidelberg’s revolutionary and exclusive Impress Control 2, Push-to-Stop technology that offers unparalleled print automation, speed and efficiency.

Exclusive to Western Canada

The new Heidelberg Low Energy UV Press is set to complete the rigorous testing process and begin operation by January, 2019.

“We are committed to continually building unique value for our customers and this investment is another opportunity to differentiate ourselves in the market.” states Ian Burke, founder of Burke Group “No other print shops in Alberta have the consistent volume of work to fully utilize the capacity benefits of this new technology. We are excited to offer an unprecedented level of efficiency that will set the trend for a new way of printing.”

True visionaries are rare

True visionaries possess unequalled ability to see challenges, find answers and bring that which could not have been envisioned if not for pure determination. They recognize solutions intuitively and are bold enough to bring them forward where others would hesitate. Burke Group is not only ahead of the curve, they are shaping the curve and, has now made the exclusive accessible.

In the world of printing, ideas and answers have evolved like everything else around us. Our market has in fact, demanded it. With our commitment and investment into our economy, unparalleled speed and efficiency is the result. The vision to bring it to you is the Burke Group difference.

Why does this investment matter to Burke customers?

Customers of the Burke Group are able to print projects quicker with greater quality than ever before. Specifically, with this new investment into automated print process, the time to quote and print is much quicker than alternative printers. Burke Group has reinvented print management for greater differentiation and customer benefit by doubling production capability.

The leader in print innovation, Burke has met the strict criteria to introduce the first Heidelberg package of it’s kind in Canada. Since Burke is the chosen print provider for such a variety of businesses, they have become the premiere producer for Heidelberg. Automated digital work flow reduces the printing schedule by 60%, operator-free make-ready production eradicates interruptions, increasing efficiency and our client satisfaction. And because productivity has doubled, our jobs are done much faster without losing the quality our customers demand.

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